Our Team

We are a small team of dedicated people, professionally and personally committed to add value to your translation projects.


We like to bring a touch of personality to our communication, enabling you to see that we have real people behind signatures. We also strongly believe that most project glitches can be overcome by clear, structured communication and by attempting to look at things from the interlocutor’s perspective, as well.

Laurențiu CONSTANTIN | Manager


Laurentiu has been a translator, reviser and interpreter for almost 30 years. Formerly an academic, he is a trainer by vocation. At tis.RO he has worn many hats – from translator to interpreter, from project manager to vendor manager, but what truly makes him tick is coaching, walking along with people while they learn.

He loves light and movement, so he is an avid traveler, always thriving on discovering new skies. When he does not travel, he thoroughly enjoys to cook or bake bread for friends – so much so, in fact, that he’s been known to refer to himself as an “undercover baker”.

Katalin RAVASZ | Project Manager


After studying sociology and communication and working as a PR Manager for several years, Kati felt the need for a major change and landed in project management. She started with managing software development projects, then switched to the translation industry. But whatever she does, she can not deny her PR background, so at this moment, next to managing translation projects, she’s also responsible for the identity of tis.RO.

She’s unbeatable in quantitative estimations and her attention skips no detail. She loves music and theatre, hiking and biking, but most of all, sneaking quality moments into everyday routines.



Romina MUNTEANU | Project Manager


Romina has been managing translation projects from the very beginning of her career. After studying Applied Modern Languages and getting an excellent command of English and Spanish, she started to work in a translation company. With almost a decade of experience, she has handled a wide variety of projects and she would surprise you with the details she remembers about past projects.

She enjoys spending her spare time releasing her creativity: she feels best when left in an empty room and asked to “dress” it up. She likes to envision and handcraft every tiny object which will make your interior spaces feel like home.

Anca BORCAN | In-house Translator

Immediately after graduation, Anca spent a few years following her dream – teaching English to middle school children. As one of the first members who joined our team, Anca has been a translator and reviser for over 12 years, also contributing in project management and language training.

As a proud mother of three, her family’s needs have become her hobbies – she discovered baking to be a very relaxing and rewarding activity; while spending time outdoors is a must, Anca has developed a taste for joining her children on their scooter rides.


Join our team!

We are always keen to meet new professionals and discuss about potential collaboration.
If you are an agile, eager-to-learn linguist looking for new challenges, let us know and we’ll invite you to have a coffee with us.

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