Translation & Localization

draft translation, revision, proofreading, bundled “TEP”, terminology management, alignment, software localization



consecutive, liaison, simultaneous interpreting, whispering, sight translation, interpreting equipment rental


Language Consulting & Training

linguistic needs and assets assessment, content management, project management training, CAT tool training

Apart from translation and interpretation, we also offer consulting services in these fields. There are so many things people take for granted when talking about translation and interpreting, and yet so many aspects that a non-specialist simply cannot consider. Whether you are already using the services of a language service provider and want a “second opinion”, or you are looking for professional advice on how to approach language services acquisition, you are welcome to contact us and see how we can help.

Linguistic needs assessment – Your organisation may require linguistic services, but you need to get a clearer picture of exactly what you need and how to approach language service providers in order to get your expectations properly met. We can help you identify your linguistic needs, formulate a meaningful request for quote and design a benchmarking system that would help you choose the best supplier for you and evaluate both the process and the outcomes.

Linguistic assets assessment – Your organisation may already have a body of content that has been translated into one or several languages. From how to handle multilingual content to how to manage glossaries and style guides, from evaluating legacy translations you already own to building your own translation memories, we can help you weigh what you already have and turn that to better account for your organisation.

Project management training – Translation and localization are complex processes and involve several stages and, most frequently, several people. Apart from the quality of the linguistic services as such, much of the outcome will also depend on how the translation project is managed. That is why anyone handling translation projects (a freelance translator, a team of freelancers, a key purchaser of translated/localized content in an organisation) will benefit from improving their skills in this specialised type of project management.

CAT tool training – Your organisation may already have an in-house translation department but your translators may not yet be familiar with using a CAT tool (Computer Assisted Translation) software. We can provide general training in how to benefit from a CAT tool workflow or specialised training in using memoQ, the leading translation environment tool.

Translation process and administration training – Translators and revisers may excel in their linguistic skills, but they do not always have the business acumen that would provide them with the competitive edge they need in an ever fiercer market. Freelancers working alone or in small teams will benefit from updating their processes and work methods, as well as from tips and hints to improve the business side of their work.

Organising multilingual events – Your multilingual conference, seminar or training session can reach its objectives and expected impact only with careful preparation and the right amount of logistic efforts. We can advise you on how to organise those events that involve the work of interpreters.

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